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Being You, Changing The World pdf [ Free Download

Dr. Dain Heer: Being You, Changing The World

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Being You, Changing the World by Dr. Dain Heer This is a very different book. It is written for the dreamers of this world— the people who KNOW that something different is possible—but who have never had the tools before.... This is a Handbook for Generating Infinite Possibilities and Dynamic Change. For you. And the world. Ten years ago, Dr. Dain Heer started as a chiropractor in California, USA. Seemingly successful and happy, Dain Heer was on the verge of suicide when he came across Access Consciousness. With this modality, based on question and choice, Dr. Heer’s life began to expand and grow with more ease and speed than even he could have imagined possible. This book is his way of paying it forward. 'Being You, Changing the World', provides you with a set of PRACTICAL tools and processes which can change everything and give you YOU, as you truly be. It provides you with a totally different perspective of BEING. What if being you isn’t about doing something differently or being better? What if it is about BEING the energy you be, in totality? And what if that can change EVERYTHING? Your life, your relationships, your money situation . . . And the world! Access Consciousness is a system for opening the doors to anything that is possible in this world. By giving you access to your knowing. By dynamically increasing you awareness. By including everything and judging nothing. Today, Dr. Dain Heer travels all over the world inviting and inspiring people to more consciousness from total allowance, caring, humor and a phenomenal knowing. His unique points of view on of embodiment, earth, sexualness and healing transcend most things currently being taught. 'Being You, Changing the World' is his eighth book. From the back cover: 'I am not a guru. I have no answers for you. Just questions. Only you know what is true for you. What I am inviting you to, is exploring WITH me. My own path to consciousness is on going, as is yours. I use these tools every day and I keep discovering what else is possible, every day. If you’re willing, this book can guide you to Being You. And Changing the World. Is now the time?' 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