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Matthew Strebe: Firewalls 24seven

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Editorial Reviews Review Firewalls is a guide to protecting an Internet-connected network from external threats--a complex task. You not only need to be aware of the known vulnerabilities of your system, you also need to remain alert to potential attacks. Firewalls are tools that help you do this by controlling access to and from your network. This book teaches the basics of network operation and how a firewall is put together. It's important to understand risk, and the book helps explain risk management and how it impacts a security policy. You'll also see how hackers target and penetrate systems. There's a guide to TCP/IP and common Internet services. From this base camp, Firewalls begins to climb the mountain of Internet security. The basic technologies and security requirements that fit together to form a firewall are introduced, along with the security policies of the authors' "perfect firewall." A large section of the book is taken up with comparative reviews of most of the main freeware and commercial firewall products currently available. This is a useful tool that gives you everything you're likely to need when deciding how to choose a firewall for your network. Firewalls is a very practical book aimed at the experienced network administrator who may be unfamiliar with Internet security. Real-world examples and plenty of tips and warnings make this a welcome addition to the system administrator's bookshelf. --Simon Bisson, --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. From the Back Cover For experienced network administrators. This updated edition of Firewalls 24seven is the book that you and other network administrators have been waiting for. Starting where other books and training courses end and the real world begins, it provides advanced information on today's most effective security technologies and techniques. Written to build on the knowledge you already have. Inside, two network security experts deliver the targeted instruction and inside tips you need to maintain and improve your network's security. Coverage includes: Hackers and their motivations Encryption and VPN theory and techniques TCP/IP and packet filtering Proxy services Network Address Translation Firewall configuration Detecting network intrusions Tuning Linux to act as a firewall Tuning Windows NT or 2000 to act as a firewall Features and benefits of Windows-based firewalls Features and benefits of UNIX-based firewalls Features and benefits of device-based firewalls See all Editorial Reviews

Every company, large and small, needs to protect the information that resides on its networks, and firewalls represent the first line of defence. A "firewall" is a hardware or software product used to control network traffic between different parts of a network - most crucially, between a company's internal network and the Internet. A firewall inspects and approves or rejects each connection attempt made between the internal and external networks, keeping out unauthorized users, hiding the identity of internal users as they connect to the Internet, and in general providing border security for the company. This title shows the reader how to achieve 24x7 (continuous) security efficiently on their network, providing practical information that can be utilized immediately.


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  • ISBN-10: 0782140548
  • Paperback: 576 pages
  • Language: English
  • Series: 24x7 (Sybex)

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